Real Life Wake up call…Listen Carefully

25 01 2012

I don’t profess myself to an authority on anything not even myself . Life is a learning process but you must be willing to learn. To say that I am not into politics would be an understatement but I must be aware and critical of those given the responsibility to govern our nation.

As a nation that is supposed to be the shinning example of what “Liberty” “Equality” and “Justice” is supposed to stand for. We have become an example of the Rich getting Richer and the poor being left out of the picture.

How does our government spend millions on affairs in other nations when those who put them in office are losing their homes , starving, unable to properly educate their kids..?

How does the most powerful nation in the world allow the hurricane victims to suffer as they have? We are obligated by the future of our nation to pay close attention to what we are told as compared to what we see.

The coming Presidential election features an incumbent President that if you look at the facts inherited a country that had been placed on a silver platter by big corporations and banks i.e.{WALL STREET} and drained almost dry. They then turned around after losing the election and set out to lay all the damage that had been done at the feet of the new president. And told us that the country would fall into ruin if we the taxpayers did not front them A BAILOUT OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS….

Now folks with all the money screw up they get more money you or I take the hit and lose our homes…

Now this should make you angry but don’t stay that way because you’ll need a clear mind to understand that what is now happening is an attempt to remove anyone in any position to prevent them from sweeping all this under the rug from office.

Listen to what they say during their campaigns carefully each position is geared towards those who have profited most during one of this nations worse financial periods not only keeping what they have but maintaining the ability to get more.

Listen and see if they say anything that will directly improve or even stabilize the situations of those who were affected most… Listen and see if they accept any blame for their parts in whats happening to this great nation of ours…And most of all pay attention to the fact that now its quite obvious that they also will sacrifice their own.

Now there will be those that will say this is militant, unpatriotic well I offer all the right to their own opinions.. But I will say this if you take a chance and try what I suggest on your own terms and use the same critical eye… It will surely be a Wake Up Call…

Peace & Prayers to Us All….




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